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Do You Know?
What Is Your Quality?

There's a saying that goes, "Life is twenty percent what you make it and eighty percent how you take it." It's a playful admission that only a small percentage of life happens the way we plan it. Everyday reality is filled with disappointments, setbacks, barriers and frustrations. We don't have nearly the control over events that we'd like to think we have.

Self-efficacy equips you to bounce back from failures and approach problems as challenges, not tragedies.

Tips for Improving Your Sense of Self-Efficacy by Dianne Schilling

  • Break big projects down into subtasks requiring relatively short time periods. Make your progress tangible and visible.
  • Cultivate social relationships that provide good models of success, encouragement and someone to talk with about problems and setbacks.
  • Focus on your potential, rather than your limitations.
  • Devote yourself to activities that you do well.
  • Orchestrate your life so that you always have some event or activity to look forward to.
  • Stop defining success in terms of huge breakthroughs and see it in each chunk of progress you make.
  • Break away from other people's standards and expectations. Rely on your own definition of success.
  • Learn from sports. In baseball, soccer, football, tennis, and other sports, wins and losses are everyday events. Even though you lose today, you show up tomorrow for the next match, ready to give it your best.
  • When facing adversity, look for ways to turn the situation around so that you benefit from it. Sometimes it's just a matter of changing your attitude.
  • Remember, life is 20 percent what you make it and 80 percent how you take it. You control your reactions and responses.

Your Physical Being

  • Check the quality of your
  • Physical health,
  • Personal hygiene,
  • Nutrition,
  • Exercise,
  • Grooming,
  • Clothing,
  • And physical appearance.

 Your Psychological Being

  • Rate your
  • psychological health and adjustment,
  • feelings,
  • Evaluations concerning the self,
  • and self-control.

 Your Spiritual Being

  • Check
  • The track you are following
  • Your spiritual shortcomings
  • Honesty in treading the spiritual path
  • Personal standards of conduct,
  • And spiritual beliefs.
Analyzing the above bench marks are helpful for improving the quality of life...Try to rate yourself and set high standards for your personal life...

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