why moothan.com

Why Moothan.Com?

Welcome to the online profile and representation of Moothan, Guptan, Tharakan & Mannadiar communities all over the world.

Our prime purpose is to promote unity and cultural integration of its geographically distributed communities.  Our platform is committed to generate the pride and purpose of our unique social and traditional cultural base.  Through this venture we present our social identity and status to the rest of the world.

Moothan.com is not a mere caste based website and it work on a broad frame work to promote social harmony and peace and shows how important our traditional values are, the importance of preserving  old values which we hold from centuries as an inherited standard. We are here to inspire and infuse our masses with the pride for a better socially bonded living with a new social vision.

Yes, we get inspired and guided by meditating on a Chinese proverb "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness". Our inspiration has kindled the candle for the first time ever in the history of Moothan community compiling its true color in the right spirit and showcasing through this website for the pride of all.  We hope you also have such vibrant spirits to share with our circles in many forms. Why hesitate, come on, let us join hands and deliver what we can do in our best capacity in our life time.

For this venture of social change, we need support and enthusiasm from its members all over the world. We invite interested and socially committed persons to work with us online and offline for a common goal which may take our community to an admirable level. We wish our community members make full use of this website to grow and share.

Let us open–up and pray

“Aano Badhra Kratavo Yantu Vishwata”  -

Let noble thoughts come to us from all over the world

 Editor, Moothan.Com