The below visions and advices are the taken from the member discussions on a survey regarding whether moothan.com is essential to our community?

Importance of Moothan.com
It is important, because of:
  • The fact that the community is fast spreading geographically.
  • Young students from our community needs guidance from various quarters.
  • Historical data needs compilation before someone else takes the authority to speak for ourselves.
  • Various voluntary activities happening in our community and locality needs to be coordinated.
  • It is not for getting organized on the basis of caste; but we also should not be left out on important govt.decision making process because of the reason that there is no organization to formally speak for us
  • In order for not getting misused ourselves on different public forums (by political parties etc)
  • We need to be aware on the fast changing social/family fabric due to migration caused due to jobĀ  search and find out ways to preserve our cultural heritage and serve as a link from where our ancestors lived
  • We need to be sharing a lot of experiences and knowledge for the huge amount of students now waiting to enter the professional world.
  • And of course project a positive image about our community/promote unity/and defend any sort of propaganda intended to ruin our self confidence.