The below visions and advices are the taken from the member discussions on a survey regarding whether moothan.com is essential to our community?

Importance of Moothan.com
It is important, because of:
  • The fact that the community is fast spreading geographically.
  • Young students from our community needs guidance from various quarters.
  • Historical data needs compilation before someone else takes the authority to speak for ourselves.
  • Various voluntary activities happening in our community and locality needs to be coordinated.
  • It is not for getting organized on the basis of caste; but we also should not be left out on important govt.decision making process because of the reason that there is no organization to formally speak for us
  • In order for not getting misused ourselves on different public forums (by political parties etc)
  • We need to be aware on the fast changing social/family fabric due to migration caused due to job  search and find out ways to preserve our cultural heritage and serve as a link from where our ancestors lived
  • We need to be sharing a lot of experiences and knowledge for the huge amount of students now waiting to enter the professional world.
  • And of course project a positive image about our community/promote unity/and defend any sort of propaganda intended to ruin our self confidence.
Moothan.com an inclusive platform:
We need to work on that. But Gop, you have done a great start, so that it is now easy to move forward.

A common group comprising divergent representation needs to be formed. A small achievable agenda needs to be put forth.
  • Practically possible tasks should be allocated for individual owners on this group
  • Proper and regular communication platforms needs to be decided and track updates effectively

Is Moothan.com Self boasting and caste fanatics?

I do not think so.
We need to be very practical. There needs aggressive promotion of our intrinsic values because ours is a community very often taken for a ride and subjected to very rude image destruction activities from every quarters. So being confident is very much accepted, unless it does not make us lazy and idle. We will chart out what action plans moothan.com can work on.
Supporting and being part of Moothan.com:
Each and every person from our community should join the group. I feel every one should be part of this army with a mission to achieve. A working team can be formed to channelize the activities; but we should ensure that the efforts happen and flow from every member in the community. Identifying those achievement targets from students, business, political representatives, house makers, children, voluntary organizations, temple committees, govt servants etc etc is the first challenge

Many Thanks

Vinod chandran Arapath,
Moothanthara Palakkad
dated 19/4/2011


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