Temples & Trustees

Temples and its presently available records serves as the mute pointer to our history, an inspiration to our lifestyle andĀ  culture and reflects our social backgrounds.

Below is the information provided by Astrologer Shri.Vijayakumar Guptan of Chethalur Puliyath family.
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Panakurissi Temple - Chethalur
VayilliamKunnu Baghawathi Temple - Katampazhipuram
1.Ambalath Tharavad
2.Musiliath Tharavad
3.Ayichath Tharavad
4.Pothirath Tharavad
5.Karippuman Tharavad
6.CheeramThodathu Tharavad
7.Erattu Koothan Tharavad

All 7 hereditary TrusteesĀ  Tharavads are from Moothan community

Kizheedam of Chethalur Siva Temple with deities Lord Ganapathy, Lord Ayyappa, Naga Deivams and Kshethrapalakan
1. MaanikaAndathu Tharavad
2. AriyaAndathu Tharavad
3. NambiyAndathu Tharavad
4. KoothaAndathu Tharavad
5. Ambalaathu Tharavad
6. Palappathu Tharavad (pottayathu) (Tharakans) (Thiruvazhiyode Region).

5 Moothan Hereditary Trustees and 1 from Tharakan Trustee
Thiruvaraickal Temple - ThiruvazhiyodeKannakiyAmman Temple - Moothanthara - Palakkad
7 Moothan Hereditary Trustees and 4 Tharakan Trustees 5 Moothan Trustees

1.Arappath Tharavadu,
2.Uppathu Tharavadu
3.Kethappa Mannatil Tharavadu..

Maangottu Kavu _ Bagawathy Temple

5 Tharakan Trustees