Kavilpad Moothan Samajam
Photo Taken On the Occasion of Its Monthly Meeting At Radhika Bhavan ( Thodappa House) , Kavilpad

Moothan Service Society - MSS Moothanthara , Palakkad

Photo Taken On the Occasion Of its 10th Statutory Annual General Body Meeting held on 9th Jan,2011 at MSS Office Moothanthara, Palakkad.

MSS President - Sri. Damodharan , Secretary - Sri. Surendranath share its thanks to MSS ( Moothan Service Society ) and all its members for inviting us and addressing our presence as a guest on its statutory annual general body meeting  held on 9th January , 2011, at its Moothanthara MSS Office. We take this opportunity to admire MSS for its willingness and openness to accept new things that may add to the community interest.

We welcome the decision of MSS to support our activities that may help us to concentrate more on the task of social co-ordination operation among our geographically and culturally distributed communities.

Guptan Sevana Samajam Central Committee

Photo taken on the occasion of GSS Central Comittee meeting held at Katampazhipuram ( GSS Office) on Saturday 5th of March, 2011. GSS extended its willingness to co-operate with MSS and it welcomed the move initiated by GSS shared their positive enthusiasm about our website and promised to share its cultural information with us.

GSS President - Sri.Kutty Krishnan Master, Secretary - Sri Ramachandra Guptan
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