Political Representation

Guptan , Moothan Community Representation in Legislative Assembly Election - Political Parties to Think And Act Fast. - A Message to the major political parties of Kerala State.

Guptan Sevana Samajam and Moothan Service Society unanimously vows to change the face of politics in palakkad. The move can make a great impact in the social scenes of Kerala politics. Guptan belt that range from Mangod, Thiruvazhiyode, Sreekrishnapuram, Katampazhipuram, Pulapetta, Chethalloor to Mannarkkad, Kalladikode, Karimba regions which has a mixed say in politics and favoured left and right government's till date.

Mathrubhumi News 08/03/2011

When it comes to its other counter part, Moothans of palakkad town, koduvayur , ethannoor and all other intermediate areas, who had fostered and had become the cradle of RSS and BJP Hindu politics in the State of Kerala. It required no mention that Palakkad is well known as the craddle and fort of BJP in Kerala. Hindu politics still thrive with the total involvement and help of Moothan's of palakkad and is a well-known major political deciding factor of the district.

The very fast and latest social development which is taking place within the community circles fire up a new  message to the political movement of palakkad. Through moothan.com the message is delivered to all major political parties of the state. For the betterment of its social situations and have a loud say moothans in general can think alike and can look beyond the normal windows when it comes to the matter of reservation. Moothan community in general prefer financial reservation to its eligible members. So It is time for all political parties to think fast and act when it comes to Moothans in general and have their ballet boxes get filled with Vaishya votes.

Editor , Moothan.com