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Chiming Tranquility

The anklet, sweetly chimes....
Yes, for the truth and righteous living
Fearlessness and inner strength.

It chimes melodiously
To make the art flow and its awareness
To value and hold the spirit of culture and traditions

Be silent, listen and know
It again chimes for the harmony, peace and goodness
The faith, love and brotherhood

It chimes in
The past, the present and the future
and beckons the spiritual path of liberation

Ah...It streams as a blessing
From the powerful goddess of chastity
The saintly abode of Kannaki.

© Gopakumar Radhakrishnan


Swami Vivekanandh

  • Above all, beware of compromises. I do not mean that you are to get into antagonism with anybody, but you have to hold on to your own principles in weal or woe and never adjust them to others “fads” thought the greed of getting supporters.

    Fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals, place them day and night before you, and out of that will come great work.
  • Have compassion towards all living beings. Hatred leads destruction.
  • Respect for all living beings is non‑violence.
  • All human beings are miserable due to their own faults, and they themselves can be happy by correcting these faults.
  • Non-violence is the highest religion
  • A man is seated on top of a tree in the midst of a burning forest. He sees all living beings perish. But he doesn't realize that the same fate is soon to overtake him also. That man is fool.
Dalai Lama
  • what really is important is your behavior in front of your peers, family, work, community and in front of the world Remember, the universe is the echo of our actions and our thoughts

    Take care of your thoughts because they become words
    Take care of your words because they will become actions,
    Take care of your actions because they will become habits,
    Take care of your habits because they will form your character,
    Take care of your character because it will form our destiny,
    and your destiny will be your life
  • “I must remind you of Socrates' last statement on the earth. He said, "When I was young I thought I knew everything. I bragged, because I could argue better than anybody else. When I became a little more mature, I realized that there were many things I didn't know, I was simply bragging. And because others could argue against me they thought I must be knowing, because my argument was weightier. And as I went on, slowly slowly it became clear to me that I know nothing. Let this be my last statement on the earth: that I do not know."

    Socrates had become a child again, but he had risked all his wisdom, philosophy, his great intelligence, all his arguments, his whole life's effort of winning against opponents in debates, discussions. He had become the topmost intelligent man in Greece. But he had the tremendous courage to say, "I know nothing."”
  • Gurdjieff was born in Armenia around 1870. Although his first tutor was a priest, he received a scientific education, but in surroundings and a way of life that had changed little for centuries. To his questions: Who am I? Why am I here? he found no answer either in religion or in science, but suspected that the truth lay hidden behind what had come down from the past in religious traditions . Inspiring like-minded companions, he set out to find in Asia and Africa the truth he sought, learning many languages, and acquiring many practical skills to earn the money for his journeys.
  • In 1912 he brought to Moscow an unknown teaching, a teaching that was not a religion, nor a philosophy, but a practical teaching to be lived. To follow the way he proposed, nothing is to be believed until verified by direct experience and life in the world is not to be renounced. It is a way in life, on which - gradually, for it cannot be done all at once - everything has to be questioned - one's beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, one's whole outlook on the life of man on this Earth.
  • Man is asleep, said Gurdjieff, he has no real consciousness or will. He is not free; to him, everything happens. He can become conscious and find his true place as a human being in the creation, but this requires a profound transformation.

  • Gurdjieff calls us to awaken, telling us:

  • "Man's possibilities are very great. You cannot even conceive a shadow of what man is capable of attaining. But nothing can be attained in sleep. In the consciousness of a sleeping man his illusions, his 'dreams' are mixed with reality. He lives in a subjective world and he can never escape from it. And this is the reason why he can never make use of all the powers he possesses and why he lives in only a small part of himself."
Jalaludin Rumi
  • Sufis believe that love is a projection of the essence of God (Allah) to the universe. The most famous and respected of the Sufi poets, Jalaludin Rumi, wrote extensively of love and the overwhelming joy of joining with the divine:

“What would happen, youth, if you became a lover like me –
Every day madness, every night weeping.
His image not out of your eyes for an instant –
Two hundred lights in your eyes from that face.
You would cut yourself off from your friends,
You would wash your hands of the world:
“I have detached myself from myself,
I have become totally Yours.
“When I mix with these people, I am water with oil,
Outwardly joined, inwardly separate.”
Leaving behind all selfish desires, you would become mad,
But not any madness a doctor could cure.
If for an instant the physicians tasted this heartache,
They would escape their chains and tear up their books.
Enough! Leave all this behind, seek a mine of sugar!
Become effaced in that sugar like milk in pastry.”

Ramana Maharshi

  • For those who say that He [God] does exist, He exists in [their] heart as consciousness. [But] in the venomous mind [of those who do not believe in Him], He will never exist [that is, He will never shine or be known]. If, by purifying the venomous mind, one sees without delusion, He will shine triumphantly and unalloyed as Self. (Guru Vachaka Kovai, 1083)
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

  • God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up by a bamboo pole.
Gautama Buddha
  • All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?

"The confluence of knowledge, understanding and practice makes life complete. When you grow into
higher states of consciousness, you find that you are no longer thrown off balance by different situations and disturbances. You become beautiful yet strong - a soft, delicate and beautiful blossom capable of accommodating different values in life without any conditions."

Sri Sri Ravishankar

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