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Vegetable Market

Palakkad Market

It is a still reflecting and very acceptable reality that the best synonym of Palakkad Market equates to the word Moothan. Moothans played a major role to shape the business circles of palakkad since their entry into the palakkad market. In fact ,palakkad Angadi (market) is a privileged portion alloted to moothan community by the Rajas (Naduvazhi's) of palakkattussery and it relates back to the Zamorin's period of around 14 - 15 AD.

Social living and business circles of palakkad is very indebted to moothan community since they are the major traders and provides of groceries, vegetables, cloth business, marriage halls and kalyanamandapams, finance ,hardware and paint,metal traders in utensils, gold and silver jewelery ornaments and so on.
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Some References About Moothan's Business Circle

Ref: In the book 'From bazaar economy to industrial economy - Thurston" 

In 1972-73 , 5,500 moothans distributed in 731 households, of these 451 households are settled in same ward seperated from other castes and communities.There are 48 jewellery shops in palaghat town and 36 of these are owned by moothans(chacko 1983), 164 vegetable shopkeepers, which includes wholesale , retail and hawkers , 77.4 percet are moothans and 15.9 % muslims and rest belong to 5 other groups.