NadupaathiMannam Temple – Moothan Community – Vadakkanthara Vela.

Moothan community and their relationship with vadakkenthara vela is one of the most socially connected and historically important one.

The moolasthanam (the root place) where goddess Kannaki (Kula deivam of Moothan’s)  is worshiped at nadupathimannam at MarketPlace- Valiya Angaadi ( Moothanthara). Once this temple was very well maintained and people from other neighboring desham (places) also came to worship this market place Kannaki temple (being only one around at that time). It is observed from the history that the Muslim Ruler Tippu Sultan’s invasion has done a major damage to the Hindu temples mainly in the Malabar regions of kerala state. NadupaathiMannam temple is also affected directly or indirectly by this invasion.  Few Jain's and Brahmin sects are the other community groups affected in this regard. We can see from the temple histories of kerala that many other temples also carry the evidential remains of the attacks marked by Tippu's invasion.

It is said that devotees gathered to save the possessions of temple to avoid idolic destruction.The full idolic-form of kannaki is taken by moothan's and worshipped at KannakiAmman temple Moothanthara. Her other idolic symbols are worshipped at Vadakkanthara Bhagwathy temple, another Kannaki amman temple in the marketplace and Pirayiri kannukottu Bagwathy temple.

Vadakkanthara vela is celebrated once in every three years. It  has to be noted that  there is a still existing and long followed custom , that, to receive the blessings and protection of Goddess Kannaki, pirayiri desam(kanukottu bagwathy) devotees visit the Moothanthara Kannaki Amman Temple and offer their prayers. This visit and prayer is also treated as an invitation to the moothan community, recognition of our deep rooted spiritual connection and faith towards kannaki. Pirayiri Desam Devotees are greeted by Moothanthara Desam Peoples at temple premises with due respect.


Pirayiri Desam Tharavath Family Members At Kannaki Amman Temple Moothanthara photo courtesy to Kannaki Amman Temple Devasom