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Swami Mridanandha

Swami Mridananda was one of the well-known, distinguished and honored person in the spiritual circles of Kerala State. Swamiji was born in the village of Katampazhipuram of Palakkad district on 1916, as the son of famous astrologer Raman Kutty Guptan and Kunhikutty Amma
of Nayath Guptan Tharavad. Swamiji learned his Sanskrit base from his father and was a student of Pattambi Sankrit College during the period 1930 to 34.

Swamiji was a Sanskrit Pandit, a prolific writer, who has written more than a hundred book and an admired spiritual guide worked as a catalyst for many socially active persons of Kerala. One such among those who have experienced Swamji's blessing is the very popular, Sri. O. Rajagopal of palakkad District (BJP  Ex.MP.). On the occassion of Mridanandha Anusmaranam at Katampazhipuram (2010), Sri. Rajagopal shared his personal experience on Swamiji's profound spiritual heights and his knack of delivering the most difficult things very effectively and easily. Sri. Rajagopal, has attended to his many lectures while he was jailed during the period of National Emergency. As a special order swamiji was invited to deliver the Gita classes daily to the jailed Persons.

Swamiji holded the position as the President of Puranattukara (Trissur),Sri RamaKrishnaMission Ashram for many years till his last days of attaining samadhi. He translated 10 upanishads into malayalam and decoded the Vedas to its simple forms and made it reach to the common masses.

His book "Geethaamritha Bodhini ", got the Sahitya Academy Award on 1981. Swamiji, translated The Bhagwad Gita, The Brahma Sutra  and The Epic Mahabharatha into two malaylam volumes. His contributions for spirituality and to the society in general has fetched numerous awards like Tomyas, Devi Prasadam Award,K.P. Pisharody Award of Cochin Devasom and so on.

Swamiji attained samadhi on Saturday 5th of march 2005.

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan
Editor , Moothan.Com