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Moothans & Muslim Community of Palakkad

Moothan’s are well known for their business profession and traditions. They hold the major market area and business pockets of the Big Bazaar Region of palakkad starting from the Sakunthala Junction to the melamuri vegetable retail market Region. Moothanthara is the residential area of moothans lying adjacent to these market areas.

Apart from moothans, other communities like Muslims, Chettiars, few Christians etc also do business in these busy market areas. Even though moothans was a major political force under old Janasangham and still under the present BJP, they have maintained a harmonious relationship from centuries with rest of the communities throughout their business periods especially with Muslims. Business is respected as the life force and source and they have maintained the market arena amicable and co-existed with other communities with respect and discipline.

Moothans are known to be very religiously tuned and always uphold the values of Hindu culture to its extremes and they are the major supporters and contributors of all financial and physical aids to temple festivals and related cultural activities of the palakkad town and neighboring circles.

When seen from an open angle both moothan and muslim community hold religion to its extreme forms and this never made a gap between the both in the town region. They shared the market like friends, brothers and family friends, enjoyed cultural diversity and respected both. Muslims of the palakkad are found normally invited to the family and marriage functions of moothans and even to the famous goddess Kannaki temple which is kept open for all religion and castes without any sort of distinctions.

Apart from this, Kannakiyamman Govt. high school adjacent to kannakiyamman temple works as a excellent school for students from all communities from vadakkanthara, karukodi, chakkanthara, pirayiri, kallikkad and meparamba , which is a Muslim majority area.

[The intention of this article is only meant to clear the bad propaganda and miss-conceptions spread by some hostile groups who want to de-value moothans, their political strength, diminish the business opportunities and disturb the social harmony. It has to be noted that following religion and its faith is the right of everyone and practicing of it cannot be seen as any offense provided it doesn’t create any social disturbances and social troubles. ]

Moothans, always respected every other religion and community groups along with upholding the values of its own cultural and social values. Through this website we are trying to reach, extent our hands of brotherhood and assure our friendship to all other communities who ever mingled with our business community as associates, advisers, friends and close family friends.

Gopakumar Radhakrisnan

Editor ,Moothan.Com