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Moothans & Tamil Brahmin Community ( Iyer's ) Of Palakkad

Moothans are  the most socially close and have maintained a respectable relationship with Tamil Brahmin (Iyer) community of palakkad region since the time of their inception into Kerala culture.

Brahmins priests conduct the marriage ceremony poojas in Moothan marriages as per vedic rites. Palakkad Iyers are well-known for their cooking profession and their delicious preparation of food and sweet items. They are usually given charge of moothan marriages. Moothan’s access to Tamil language and their religiously accustomed nature makes them very easily acceptable to Brahmin community. Moothans are from Shiva gotram and many follow strict vegetarianism. It is a practice within the community that they receive Shiva Deeksha from their kulaguru of Perur Madom Gjnana Sivacharyar and many from old generation followed a life of spiritual nature submitting to Lord Shiva. Every year, Kulaguru from Perur(Tamilnadu) visit the Visalakshi Sametha Vishwanatha (Shiva) Temple to perform pooja on the occasion of Valiya Aaraattu and give  Shiva panchakshara Deeksha to the aspiring one.

In Palakkad we can see in all brahmin agrahaarams, moothan own houses and co-exist with Iyers from centuries. Moothans presence in the agraharams also offered support to their temple activities as financial aids and social security to the Iyer groups, who normally lead a peaceful life.

Kalpathy ratholsavam is the one of the major festival celebrated by Iyer community in the palakkad every year. Moothans, being shaivaites, well associate with this famous festival of lord Shiva in all forms. One of the custom still exist among palakkad moothans is that the family of newly married couples and the newly engaged ones exchange sweets on the occasion of Ratholsavam as “Theru palahaaram”, even if they are not residing in agrahaarams.

Another notable thing is that moothans are fond of taking bath (snanam) in the kalpathy river flowing besides Kalpathy Kasi Vishwanatha Temple, which is otherwise  believed as (Half-Kasi) and offer their prayers to Lord Shiva.  Taking snanam in the kalpathy river is almost like a daily ritual and spiritual satisfaction to many moothan folks and for this they used to walk all the way  in the very early morning from Moothanthara region to Kalpathy. Still today we can see all those  peculiar glimpses of moothan  life style in the palakkad circle and that is what makes them different and  unique from rest of the communities.

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan

Editor ,Moothan.com