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Dear All,

We all believe Mantras have its own power and it is devised and chanted to bring in a personal change and blessing. The below mantras are derived and formulated from the life-style and the modern requirement of moothan community, especially for its youths. Hope you all absorb it and practice to bring in a much needed change.

1.Give and Take Respect

Respect yourself first for your inherent quality and respect others. It make you find your own potential and can make beautiful changes around.

2.Grow and Excel With Education

Don’t lose any opportunity to learn and grow. It includes excelling in school and colleges or through out your academic or technical education phase. Education compliments your inborn vaishya quality. Always Promote Education. Education is the only way to improve the quality of life. Support and promote higher and professional education both to males and females.

3.Be Resourceful

Expand your vision and range by traveling for education, career and business far and wide. It makes you a sharp and resourceful person. Let this be your modern motto and ambition.

4.Do only what is needful

Encourage and support social, cultural and welfare activities but always with a check on its real necessity and importance.

5.There is a better way always

Analyze the difficult situations you are in with a wide open outlook and learn from your mistakes. Don’t become careless in your words and acts. Be in a position to understand that there is time to do things in a better way.

6.Don’t become useless

Break out from any hostile friend circles and bad influences that hinder your future prospects. These negative circles make you very useless and spoiling.

7.Be Healthy and Wealthy

Show your lavishness to spend for productive and better things that makes you healthy and wealthy. Practice discipline to lead a healthy life style. Making money is only one aspect of life and  living with high and profound ideals will elevate our life to its true glory and fame. Let us remember this point always.

8.Be Enterprising and Ambitious

Be enterprising, expanding,diversifying and innovative in ideas and take challenges to conquer the heights, always keeping a personal self- check on the way you are moving ahead for your ambitions. Let us promote and support women entrepreneurship.

9.Don’t ever defame

Don’t blame or defame your community ideals for the sake of personal gains in anyway, anytime or anywhere. It makes you and your community cheaper before others. Remember that you are born in a community that is great and unique. It needs your care to host many like you in future

10.Be Thankful

Always have faith in god and be thankful to god for what is showered on you. It makes your fly over the top most cloud.

Best Regards

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan

Editor, Moothan.Com