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Manikya Gurukkal

Our Temple Priest 

(Vislakshi Sametha Viswanathaswami Temple)

Sivacharyar Sri P.K.Manikya Gurukkal 
Moothan community is very indebted to Sivacharyar Sri P.K.Manikya Gurukkal, who has joined our temple from the age of 14. Gurukkal has dedicated his major part of life practicing the Sivagama form of rituals at the feet of lord of Vishwanatha Swamy and Visalakshi Amman situated at Kannaki Amman Temple premises.

Offering spiritual services as a main priest of our temple, every member of our community is well versed with his humble, soft spoken and spiritual inclination. Gurukkal is well - respected by everyone. Even after his retirement, gurukkal is still active in giving necessary advices for temple matters and continuing religious activities as the part and meaning of his life.