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Our Good Old Houses
Old styled Houses, small pathways,ponds,tharavad temples and the natural environment of our villages and its fond memories always fill the nostalgic moments especially, when  we are very far. Let us start cherishing and preserve those lovely natural life scenes , its spirit and our healthy eco friendly life styles. Send us good pictures from your photography collections.

Old Styled Padipura (Main Gate) Polimuram Katampazhipuram

 Pothiyadath House - Katampazhipuram
One of the Aarappathu Tharavad - Moothanthara Palakkad 
Old Styled Tharavad - Moothanthara Palakkad 
Pond Still Used for bathing In the above house Compound
 Padipura of the Above House
Koduvayoor Kethappa Tharavad
Koduvayoor Kethappa Tharavad 
MannathamKulagara Tharavad - Katampazhipuram  
MannathamKulangara padipura