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Pride of Chethaloor

No one will fail to notice the furore, sincere care and enthusiasm of Sri.MuraliPrakash(Babu)(Kuniyamkattil Tharavad), the quadruped lover (cattle lover), turned elephant raiser and his four majestic tuskers Murali Krishnan, Devi Dasan, Ayyappan and Mahadevan.

Babu’s elephant raising obsession started 6 years back and his efforts are strongly backed up by his father Kutta Guptan , retired bank manager, babu's wife and needless to mention, his two enthusiastic kids.

The affection of this family towards elephants can be seen through the care provided to the recently diseased Mahadevan due to ill-treatment and excessive exploitation by his ex-owners. After trying many medical treatments, Mahadevan is now undergoing homeo treatment and rapidly re-gaining his health. Even at the age of 54 and sick, mahadevan’s forehead still appeals great and held high reflecting his past fame and glamour. Kutta Guptan and babu is very sure about his complete recovery and his re-entry into the pooram proceedings and festival scenes.

The natural calm and cool atmosphere with lot of lush green space and big tree shades around his house make a perfect place for elephants to rest and relax from troubles and disturbances of congestion.  Being close to nature the availability of coconut leaves, palm leaves and other herbs and his own private vehicle for transportation of food supplies and elephants for festival locations, give him hold to successfully run this elephant business.

Elephants need lot of water to keep its body temperature normal and healthy. Muriyakkani Puzha near to Chethallur works as a blessing to babu to give proper bathing to his elephants regularly and timely  Above all, babu’s ready to act life style make him a rare and unique person of his own caliber. He also own complete set of elephant jewels(chamayam’s) and umbrellas for festival needs and rental services.

Chethaloor gramam is situated in the Mannarkkad Taluk,  close to Malappuram Dist. About 17 Km far from Mannarkkad Town and 15 Kms away from Perinthalmanna in Malappuram District, Karikallathani is nearest town.


Muraliprakash (Babu) with Muralikrishnan




Babu Caring Mahadevan