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Anklet  -  The Source of Change

"A Page Dedicated To Poetry"

Chiming Tranquility

The anklet, sweetly chimes....
Yes, for the truth and righteous living
Fearlessness and inner strength.

It chimes melodiously
To make the art flow and its awareness
To value and hold the spirit of culture and traditions

Be silent, listen and know
It again chimes for the harmony, peace and goodness
The faith, love and brotherhood

It chimes in
The past, the present and the future
and beckons the spiritual path of liberation

Ah...It streams as a blessing
From the powerful goddess of chastity
The saintly abode of kannaki.

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan, gop.personal@gmail.com


Temple bells rings in the traditions of the past
Conch shells of faith, reverberating the pranava
Folklore of onam and kavadi seemlessly blend
Along with the rhythms of fiery Kanakiyarkali

Culture greets with a decorated kolam
Women folks begin the day with a holy round
Wind never fails to smell their sensitive jasmine
Chiming anklets sew those lovely quadrangles.

The auction begins, the business rolls, well before the dayspring
For men, market is his temple,
Wakes it up always like a patrimonial dharma
His vaishya karma merges like a sacred ritual...

Wandering and gazing cows, the spattered dung
The black bull, tough and blocks like a rock
Array of loads, the hawkers and their compelling calls
The stout men smiles, today’s collection is good

Here you find the pulse of trade
The bargains and the power of self-made souls
Delivering it in their unique slang
Reflecting the joy of natural living

Hard work turns here into a blissful gem
Personal sacrifice bless them with rare pearls
Life bless them with new tough lessons all the day
Yes, they are rich, in all the sense
Yes, they are the Monarchs, who establish their own empire

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan, gop.personal@gmail.com

Do You Like To "Meat"

Born, but we cannot talk
our feelings are understood only when we cry...
and rather it is treated always as a cry.
only very few cares and understand us...

We are the the most unlucky race in this existence
Sometimes we carry heavy loads on our shoulders
And in times we are the best in the fields
Thanks to the modernization at one side...
Our work reduced a lot
Now a days we doesn't plough under the sun
Neither we pull carts and cramp
But life simply drag for sharp cutting blades

Now we are put into modern carts
Packed for a long merciless journey to the remote
Without water or food vomiting all along for days
Our necks are tied with fellows and we are denied,even the air..

Govt. ensures that we doesn't have a disease
And silently adds to our fate and business
Have you ever thought about our life...
Do you like to "meat" us on your tables...