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MOOTHAN.COM, is the online profile and representation  of moothan's and its similar vaishya community groups all over the world.

It work as a total resource center of moothan community groups and aims for its progress in
  • Social ,
  • Educational,
  • Art & Culture
  • and Spirituality
Apart from upholding its unique traditional values and life-styles, moothan.com is a merging its website with the latest and best modern knowledge, information base from the world. We wish our community members make full use of this website to grow and share.

We pray and try to work with a better outlook and social commitment which needs support and enthusiasm from its members all over the world.We invite interested and socially committed persons to work with us online and offline for a common goal which may take community to an admirable level.

Yes, we get inspired and guided by meditating on a Chinese proverb "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness". Our inspiration have kindled the candle for the first time ever in the history of Moothan community compiling its true color in the right spirit and showcasing through this website for the pride of all.  We hope you have also such spirits to share to our circles in many forms. Let us join hands and deliver what we can do in our best capacity in our life time.

Friends, please bookmark this website and feel proud to refer moothan.com to your friends and relatives both professionally and personally. Let our messages reach far and wide.

we share our thanks to all who have supported this charitable venture in many forms.


Please write to :moothan.com@gmail.com or call us at 9447295904

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