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ErattaPalliyalil Polimuram Bhaskara Guptan

 (Photo taken on the occasion of the release of his book - Vishnusahasranama - A Bhavaartha Mannam)

Eratta Palliyalil Polimuram Bhaskara Guptan known as EPBJi, an ardent holder of Gandhian principle, writer, a retired History Teacher from Katampazhipuram High School. Now close to the age of 90. He says reading is his passion and a source of constant inspiration. He is very quick to recollect and share about his enthusiasm in reading English dailies fully in a single stretch while pursuing his fourth forum classes. The most catchy thing about this is, he never stops their by satisfying his own curiosity , but keep on sharing it with all those who are interested around him, which was highly praised by his teachers. This is absolutely true about him even now and one can understand his depth in different subjects while chatting with him. EPBJi has a knack to deliver the subject to the listener as a story teller and he may make you wait in between with a reference for the subject to show you from his library. His talks may take you to the scenes of birds bathing in the fields and to the spiritual light of Buddha's Saranath.

One of his famous book "Deshayanam - an information base about the various regions of Valluvanadu which is a blend of his own life time gatherings, historical references, its unexposed folklore base, notes about places of old historic importance and so on. Deshayanam is also an attempt to list the backgrounds of our rarely known moothan community base from all possible sources". In Deshayanam, EPBji shared his valuable hard earned bits and pieces of information to the vision of a common man. The book throws light into many things that may otherwise be gone into the oblivion forever.

His recent book called "Vishu Sahasranamam – A Bhavaartha Mananam", is a Malayalam translation of the work of Acharya Vinoba Bhave's pictorical Vishnu Sahasranamam compilation in Hindi. In this translation he retained all those symbolical figures used by the Acharya in his book as it is. This makes his second work also a new genre of its own class in Malayalam.

EPB ji  and his son Vinodh At Ashoka Stambha at Saranath.

Till recent times he was running a library and reading room for children in his own building at Katampazhipuram. Once, I personally visited his library with my daughter and wife and participated in the class.  The class was dispersed in a prayer before the pictures of Lord Buddha, Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi and I listened to him whispering a universal mantra "Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu".

A person like EPBji is a blessing to our community who has kept an interest in those small small things and happenings around with a purpose and enthusiasm. Deshayanam is the tangible outcome of that commitment". Let us follow his path in order to save our cultural information’s and deliver in time and needs of the generations to come.

EPBji lives with his wife Smt. Sakuntala Amma.

Sons : Ashok, Vinod and Srinath

Daughter: Yamini