Cremation Ground Moothan

The moothan community maintained cremation ground of Palakkad. This 'Smashana' called 'Pookavanam - The Flower Garden', is in Karukodi, on the banks  of the Kalpathy River.

A shmashāna (or smashan) is a Hindu cremation ground, where dead bodies are brought to be burnt on a pyre. It is usually located near a river or body of water on the outskirts of village or town; as they are usually located near river ghats they are also called smashan ghat.

The word has its origin from Sanskrit language: shma refers to shava ("corpse"), while shana refers to shanya ("bed")

Photo courtesy to Mr. Hari, Kannaki Nagar

The vehicle to carry the dead body to the cremation ground

This private cremation ground of the community is the best maintained one and perhaps the only one owned by a Hindu community of Palakkad.