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Ganitha Visharad, Jyothisha Vachaspathy Chethalur Puliyath
Shri krishan Kutty Guptan
The divine lamp and the spirit of tradition still glows, in Puliyath Tharavad of Chethalur (Palakkad District), which is ignited by Ezhuthaasans of the family nine generations back in the traditional shastras of Astrology, Veda Ganitha and Sanskrit. The present generation of astrology pioneers are adding an extra line of testimony to the old Indian way of education system which is transmitted down to the successive generations.

This deep rooted astrology lineage of Puliyath Guptans make them standout among the astrology circles in the state of Kerala. It is also notable that this kind of  profession is chosen rarely by the vaishyas of Kerala state and is the best one that emerged out from our community adding to its pride.

Shri. Krishnan kutty Guptan was born on 24th Jan 1937 and is the eldest son of Astrology Pandit Shri. Appu Ezhuthassan ( the Ezhuthassan title was assigned to Puliyath family by Brahmins as an authority to the family members to teach Sanskrit, Astrology, Veda Ganitha etc).

Shri.Guptan is representing the 8th generation of this astrology family. He started his education in Astrology and Sanskrit when he was 4 years old. He learned Astrology from his father upto the Higher Secondary School period. For higher education in Veda Ganitha and Astrology Shri Gupthan was sent to Panditharajan Shri M V Uzhuthra Varrier. Shri Varrier imparted Gupthan various facets of Astrology & Astronomy such as Panchanga Ganitha (Veda Ganitha), Sanskrit, Deva Prashna, Ashtamangalya Prashna for a period of 8 years. Shri.Varrier had assigned Shri Gupthan to publish his Bharatha Panchangam after him and the same has been honorably done by Shri Guptan every year since then. 

Guptan has been assigned the Panchanga Ganitha and Astrology service at the reputed house for Vasthu Shasthra and Astrology, Kanippayyur Mana, Kunnamkulam by Panditharajan Kanippayyur Sankaran Nambudiripad. He could add to his career the professional expertise from Brahma Sree Sankaran Nambudiripad for over a period of about 30 years.

Shri Gupthan has been honoured the "Nostradamus Award 1998" by Express Star Teller for all the 10 predictions accurate for the year. The award was given by former Chief Election Commissioner Shri T.N.Seshan.

Shri Gupthan was also invited by Maharshi Shri Mahesh Yogi from Netherlands and provided his astrology service in various countries like Holland, Italy, Germany, Russia & America.

Wife - Smt.Parukutty Ammal
Guptan has three sons and one daughter

Shri . P VijayaKumar Guptan,
The 9th Generation Astrologer of Puliyath Tharavad

Shri Vijayakumar Gupthan is  the third son of astrologer Shri Krishnan Kutty Gupthan.Vijaykumar has been studying Sanskrit grandhas which includes Amarakosam,Tharkam and Vyakaranam. In astrology Jathakadesam, Horasasthram,Prashanamargam(Ashtamangalya prashna and Devaprashna),Ganithanirnayam for Panchanga Ganitham (Almanac).After completing college education he has been accompanying his father in Temple Ashtamangalya prashna and in Panchanga Ganitham for the past 15 years. Apart from this he is also publishing ‘Kerala Panchangam’ (Yearly Almanac).

Vijaykumar is instrumental in combining both astrology and ‘vasthu’ in collaboration with Kannippayyur Krishnan Nambudaripad (son) renouned vasthu pandit of Kerala and is now providing services at various centres in India.

He is also conducting astrology classes at various places within the district under his astrology training institute Jyothishakalalayam,  which is attended by persons ranging from youngsters to retired officials from inside and outside of the Kerala state.

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