Best Way To Eat Vegetables


Very recently, in Kerala, we have witnessed the severe hazards caused by the usage of pesticide ENDOSULFAN on human health especially in new born babies. Being turned into a consumer state, the vegetables reach our markets from the neighboring states. We all know, in the modern fast life, the options to lead a healthy life are reducing day by day. We have to make some small adjustments and precautions from our side that may help us to lead a healthy and happier life. So time has arrived to think and hook on to  proverb "Prevention is better than cure".

Becoming A Vegetarian

To follow a vegetarian life style is the first and best thing we can do to save our health, there by wealth and a gift a disease free life style to our family.

But some precautions are advisable even with vegetarian foods

We all know vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, sugars, amino acids, cellulose, as well as some functional factors such as bioflavonoids and biflavone. They are essential for the growth and development of the body. But if you eat vegetables in an improper way, it will make those nutrients lost or partly destroyed, and may even affect the health of the body. The following are four inappropriate ways that people easily take.

First, washing vegetables improperly

As some vegetables bought from the supermarket look very clean in their appearance, so some people only slightly wash them in the water before cooking. In fact, there are some pesticide residues on the vegetables. So if you do not clean them thoroughly, it will bring a lot of harms to your health.

The correct way is to put the fresh vegetables in the clean water and soak for about 20 minutes, so as to make the pesticides fully dissolve in the water. Then wash them with water repeatedly.

Second, cutting the vegetables first before washing

Some people used to cutting the vegetables into small pieces first and then washing them. Such a way may destroy the nutrition in the vegetables. People hardly realize that, many nutrients in vegetables are water-soluble. So if the vegetables are chopped up and washed, there will be a significant loss of nutrients.

The correct way is to wash the vegetables first, and then cut them.

 Third, cooking too long

Vitamins in vegetables are heat intolerance, and can't be cooked for a long time. Especially vitamin C, it will be easily oxidized after being heated. According to the test, if the vegetables are cooked too long, the vitamin C contained will lose about 60%.

The correct way is to cook vegetables on big fire, so the dish will have a good color and taste, and there will be the least loss of nutrients in the vegetables. If you add some vinegar in when cooking vegetables, it will be conducive to the preservation of vitamins.

 Fourth, eating overnight food

Some people tend to put the left dish in the refrigerator and eat it in the next day. However, they rarely realize that such a way may cause a great loss of vitamin B and C in vegetables. Even if it is placed in the refrigerator, it is also very easy to be contaminated by bacteria, causing deterioration, or even food poisoning.

The correct way is to reduce the quantity of the vegetables that you cook every time. Do not cook too much. It is best to eat them up during the meal.

In a word, we should pay special attention to the four inappropriate ways and form good habits in our daily life, so as to make full use of the nutrition in the vegetables.

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updated on Dated 11/5/2011